Eternal Petals A 100% Real Rose That Lasts A Year – The Perfect Unique Gift for Women – White Gold Solo with Swarovski Crystal (Deep Red)

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About this item

  • ✮A Real Rose That Lasts A Year – Handmade in London, this beautiful quality real rose is sourced from South America and has been expertly and naturally treated with a cutting-edge process to keep it perfectly in bloom for a whole year
  • ✮Low Maintenance – This stunning single rose gift has been naturally treated to keep the rose in bloom, perfectly intact for at least one year without the need for any maintenance at all. No water or flower food needs to be supplied or used with the display of your single rose in a box, making it the ideal low-maintenance gift for everyone
  • ✮A Perfect Gift – Whether you are looking for a unique birthday gift or a perfect anniversary gift to present to your partner, our stunning infinity roses are a perfect choice. Make your friend’s day and give her a rose box as a baby shower gift or even just present one to a friend for no reason at all. Flowers are a beautiful gift but one-year roses add a unique touch to the gift that means it can be kept for so much longer
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