Ten best gift ideas for teenage boys

10 Best Gift Ideas Teenage Boys Actually Want This Year

Ten Best Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

Teenage years, oh boy! Is probably on every parent’s mind when they think about their teenage son. Through the ever-changing mood swings, growth spurts, piles of laundry, and dirty socks on the floor (next to the laundry bin), it’s fair to say that this is one of the most challenging times in life for you both.

Teenagers tend to be influenced by trends, and in recent years this seems to be effectively accomplished through social media. For many parents, keeping up to date with what “IN” is a struggle. So, as you are pondering on “what do I get my teenager this year?” let me help you out with the 10 best gift ideas of what is currently in.

Let's start our list with the best options for a drone

A drone is almost a must-have in recent years and a gift that you can’t go wrong with. We know most boys are intrigued by tech products. Making videos, cool edits, and “legit” content they can post on their TikTok or Snapchat will not only give them an edge but will help them explore the creative director within.

Trending now: Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Gaming is a current trend among many teens that have been blowing the typical gaming councels out of the water. The Meta Quest 2 has been on the top charts since it first came out.

 This fun and interactive headset is not only entertaining but gets the boys out of their seats and initiates activity and exercise, just be aware of breakable objects and walls around them. Trust me!

Always needed at home or on the road

You may have noticed with your own teenager, or with friends, boys often like to “do their own thing,” and this is generally demonstrated by putting on headphones and listening to their favorite jams.

Whether this is the case with your teen or not, a good set of headphones such as the “Beats Solo3 is a great gift. Your boy can use this for school work, music, gaming podcasts, and basically anything that has a bluetooth option.


As your family/relatives and friends nag you about  “What is he into now, and what should we get him this year?” a great option is to add a headphone charging station to go along with his new headset, such as the “Headphone Stand with USB Charger. It will help you keep cords off the floors, and it will make his desk space more tech.

Outdoor fun

In the case that you have a younger teen and are concerned about too much screen time, a great alternative is the “Spikeball Game Set – Played Outdoors, Indoors, Lawn, Yard, Beach, Tailgate, Park”. This and other games are something you and your teen can enjoy together all year round, spend quality time and take a break from chargers and plugs.

Challenge your teen with an interesting gift


At this point, you may be wondering, Ok, but he has all of this what else? No gaming set, whether it be a PC, virtual headset, or Xbox/PlayStation counsel is complete without a “legit” gaming chair. A top choice is the Ferghana Gaming Chairs Red with Footrest. Not only will this provide comfort and back support to your teenager, but it can be customized to make his little “man cave” even cooler.

Covid-19 has been tough for many, and maybe you are on a budget this year, or your teenagers’ grades weren’t cutting it for expensive, over-the-top gifts this year. If your son already has a gaming counsel, may it be Xbox or PlayStation, and you are wondering what game to add to his collection, the latest buzz across the internet that every boy has, wants, or watches other boys play has been on the: 1. Call Of Duty: Vanguard (Xbox Series X) (Xbox Series X) 2.NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition – PlayStation 5 3.Madden NFL 23 – PlayStation 5.

If gaming is not an option

Some teens are not into gaming, or at least not yet. If your teen falls in that category, or you have personal restrictions, an alternative choice is the “Pokemon TCG: Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box”. This is a great starter kit to get them interested in something different, a new hobby perhaps, and ultimately something that can be added on to for future gifts.

How do we choose the best gift for a teenager?

So, how do we choose the best gift for our child? The 21st-century parent of a teenager is probably faced with one of the most challenging decades of all time. 

On the one hand, we idolize kids playing outside and exploring the neighborhood, but on the other hand, they have classes on zoom and communicate via a keyboard. So how do we justify the two and bring them into co-existence? 

The first thing that jumps into most parents’ heads is safety. It is our number one priority. In the past, we were taught not to talk to strangers and be home before dusk. Now we use parental controls, screen for rated R content, and prey they don’t become a victim of online bullying. 

Filtering through what is cool versus what is acceptable and appropriate can be as time-consuming as a full-time job.


You know your teenager better than anyone. The key to choosing the perfect gift is finding a balance between what he wants and what you are OK with him having. The number one objective for you is an online safety, especially when it comes to gaming. 

More often than not, this has to do with age-appropriate gaming that can be engaging and yet a contributing enhancement to his development. His objective is often entertainment and trends because trends dictate what is interesting among the teenage demographic. Put the two together, and life may be just a little bit easier through this challenging phase.

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